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Carpet Installation Question - 1982


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Jul 23, 2014
I'm putting in new carpet and read the stories of This & That but I haven't seen anyone say that they use glue to help? Some of the pictures I've seen are amazing and it's hard to believe that they didn't use glue....So, what's the word? Good Idea, Bad Idea or Don't use a lot.....?
I haven't needed to glue carpet down when I've changed it out.

I think the key is getting it down into the car and getting it to lay nicely before you start cutting it. :thumb

There are lots of factors involved- the biggest variable is what type of backing if any is involved and how well it contours.

The thickness of the backing whether it be heat barrier, mass, jute, or both will cause it to lay either higher or lower in the car and will impact it as you lay it down and manipulate it around things.

All that said... I have found a heat gun (low heat applied to the BACK- you do NOT WANT TO SCORCH THE PILE OR LOOP ;) ) to be incredibly helpful. Warming up the back side in areas that you need it to lay down better in helps a lot. As does laying it out for a few days- perhaps even a few weeks- to let it settle before attempting to put it in. Some folks say leave it in the sun for a few hours unrolled or whatever, but I have found it needs time to "relax" so to speak and not just heat. The amount of padding between the floorboards and the carpet itself around corners and whatnot will also impact how much dorking with you'll need to work it into place.

Hope that helps!
Ok...sounds like a good plan. Of course I'm doing this in the coldest months....

Thanks again!
Ok...sounds like a good plan. Of course I'm doing this in the coldest months....

Thanks again!

Me too- I did one in January/February as well many moons ago. :chuckle

If you have a spare bedroom- unroll it from the box and let it sit out for a week or two. Meanwhile, you can glue the carpet to the fiber boards on the transmission console and then glue the carpet to the seat back.

Best of luck- take pictures and post them here! ;)
I glued mine on the console/tranny covers..as well as the seat backs...the seat backs I placed a bag of dog food
big enough to cover the carpet, to help hold it down while it sealed,as the corners wanted to peel up....
good luck
Mid America recommends using glue with their precut sets. The old carpet that I just removed had glue, but was not difficult to remove. I plan to get a can of the spray variety and use it sparingly.
Another trick is to soften the bulkiness of the inner corners is to use a hairdryer. Then use a wall paper roller to help mold the carpet into place.
Recently replaced my carpet throughout. It came from Zip Corvette.

For the compartment doors, center tunnel sides, center console sides, kick panels and seat backs, I used brush-on contact cement on both the carpet AND the piece with a laminate roller for pressure. (The laminate roller is no big deal--it just makes it a bit easier to apply pressure.) The corners of the seat backs were a bit obstinate and required an overnight weighting but only because they (unlike the original) had sewn-on vinyl edge binding.

The main front and rear carpets all fit perfectly and I found no need for adhesive. Installed during a COLD winter. I did let the carpets relax indoors for a couple days but the garage and car were barely above freezing when I installed.
I have used glue where and when I think it needed it. It is not permenent so what is the problem?

I have gone back and glued areas that did not fit the way I thought they should. Your call.

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