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Has anyone used a cat from Random Technology? I have been told that these are the best cats on the planet. They are also high dollar. Would it be worth it? If not, besides true duels what is the best way to free up the exhaust on an 81? Any ideas, or tried and true results.

Geez... talk about long time no hear from. Trent, I rook off the stock cat and replaced with the two-stage cat from MidAmerica; 3" Y-pipe from the headers to the cat. A LOT less strictive and still passes the ridiculous MD sniffer test with flying colors. Oh yeah, the headers helped the performance out a lot too. :D.
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Hey Nut,

Ben really busy the past few months. Guess you haven't hear but Brooke is expecting. We are due last week in April. I know, its a shame to mess up a body like that, but she hounded me until I gave in. Not really sure about being a daddy again at 38 but what the hell. Anyway we say hello and look forward to seeing you at the sharkfest, you are going, right?.


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