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Catalytic Converter replacement


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Aug 12, 2013
United States
2002 Millennium Yellow Z06
Why I need new Cats: I busted a valve spring which caused an engine misfire and ruined my o2 sensors. After getting all of that fixed my car showed a p0420 code, inneficient bad catalyst left bank. All o2 sensors are great shape, engine is great, no head gasket leaks, brand new all good shape spark plugs. So it is bad catalytic converters.

I went to Napa and I bought a magnaflow direct fit catalytic converter for the 02-04 C5 Z06 non california spec. The magnaflow direct fits don't fit. It was literally 3/4's of inch to narrow and at $540 I just do not feel like it is worth it to cut it up to make it fit.

I was wondering if Pypes cats would work good on a 100% stock 2002 C5 Z06? I had a good experience with Pypes headers and cat backs when I used to own a Mustang. Is there any catalytic converters that you guys would recommend?

here is a link to the Pypes catalytic converters @ Summit
Pypes Mini Catalytic Converters CVM10K - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing

Thank-you :beer

Hey all I had to just take it to a shop car has new catalytic converters on.

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