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cd stereo question



how well do cd players work in a corvette? [in regards to the fact that it is a low riding sports car] and around here not all the roads are to good and i was wondering if the cd player would skip alot? thanks for any information.
cd player

Hi 88 Put a cd in the rear storage compartment and it has only slipped once or twice.Sure beats the radio on long trips.
Also if you do end up with a dash mount AND are THAT concerned about it, you can buy CD players with a 10 second memory which will enable you to 4x4 for exactly 10 seconds before it skips.

Dude Im from Edmonton (AKA Asphalt Snakes City) and I run a Panasonic 5 Volt (No memory) and ya it skips but I have to hit the railway tracks at 100 to do it.

The trick behind ANY car and skipping is the installer. PERIOD. The installer has to look at the car and figure out what setup would suit the car best. If its a Lincoln or a Caddy Bolt it up Hardcore if youd like If its a Jeep or even a Vette (rougher ride) Leave the back end open a little more to allow for some movement so the shock waves dont get carryed straight to the deck. Thats what I did and I happy with it.

EG I had this Deck in my last truck (Comp Stereo 1994 Grand Cherokee V8 ((318)) ) And it reacted the EXACT same way as in the Vette. Its all about mounting bud.

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