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Help! Centerforce Clutch and Clutch Fork Position


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Sep 10, 2003
'66 Roadster
I just finished installing my DNE 5 speed transmission on my ZZ 502 with a Centerforce Clutch. I was able to make this work thanks to the wisdom and knowledge shared on this website. I used the standard aluminum bellhousing, Centerforce throw out bearing, short looking ball stud, and clutch fork for my '66. The throw out bearing was installed correctly with the retaining spring and drive fork in the groove, which I also verified with a bore scope. When I look at the clevis end of the clutch fork, it sits about in the middle of the opening before I make contact with the clutch plate moving the clevis end back, but when I move it in the opposite direction/forward, it makes contact with the front of the bellhousing. I believe this clearance is important because gives free play, and the clutch fork moves in that direction as the clutch wears. The clutch springs push back moving the clevis end forward. The clevis end on the 327/trans that I removed does not make contact on the forward edge of the bellhousing opening. Even though I am confident of the parts I used, is this positioning familiar to anyone else? I don't want to put it in the car and find out I do not have free play or allowance for wear.

Thanks for your help.

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