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Centerfore clutches



I am considering putting a Centerforce dual friction in my '65 327 coupe. Has anybody tried one of these? Is the pedal pressure any higher? Does it perform any better than a heavy-duty OEM style clutch? Is it worth the extra $$$?


Chris -

I've used Centerforce II's in the last six project cars I've built, including two Cobras and a tube-frame Grand Sport with a stout 383 in it, and highly recommend them - great grip, smooth engagement, and low pedal pressure. I haven't used the Dual-Friction, but they're tougher on the flywheel and more than you need for a small-block - the Centerforce II will be fine for your application.

I totally agree with JohnZ in regard to the Centerforce II clutch. I've used the Centerforce clutch in the restorations of my two 1966 Pontiac GTO's and have been 100% satisfied. Also, I might add the cost of a Centerforce II is compatable with a stock clutch at about $150.00.
Definetly worth the price!!


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