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changed oil for the first time yesterday


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Well, she has finally hit near 3K mile since December, and it was time to get under and service the car as she is taking it on a road trip in June.

I found the best way to jack the car up is to drive it up on a pair of 2x4 blocks on the front tires, then the jack would slip under and catch the front cross member. Makes me kind of nervous, because it is aluminum.

Raise the front up, then put stands under the lower front control arm mounts. In the back, I jacked up on the cross memeber, and put a jack stand on each lower control arm mount.

Had to get it level as the drain is in the front of the pan. I pre-filled the filter, drained her all out, then filled it back up with 6.5 quarts. I know it will most likely use it a little, but we put back the 5W-30 Mobil one that it calls for on the oil cap.

Not too bad. It took longer than the C4 because on the C4 you don't have to raise the rear.

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