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Changes for the 2002 model year



I have it on fairly reliable authority that:
  • Colors DBGM and NBM will be discontinued on Coupe and Vert
  • Color Speedway White will be discontinued on ZO6
  • Color Electron Blue will be introduced on all models
  • Magnesium Wheels will no longer be an option
  • Floor mats will be standard.

Can anyone confirm or deny these?
Ken Fitchner from Corvetteforum.com released this info 2 days ago. It was from an official press release. I would say it is pretty accurate.
Sorry to bother you Adam. I was looking for more of "who would post a reply" than a confirmation. I wanted to see who from the Corvette Forum also posted over here. Also, this forum has a dealer that participates as well. I was wondering if they were listening. ;)

oh I understand......soory man...new here, still getting the feel for people....:)

i want to see what the electron blue looks like...anyone know?

I have also read that a redesigned (smaller) headlamp is being used with (HID) High Intensity Discharge lamps.
There is also mention of increased HP.
I want to purchase a 2002 in Metalic Blue but am anxious to see this new electron blue. :w
i just got my 2001 on saturday its nbm i love the color but i can tell already its going to be VERY hard to keep up,and it is going to scratch very very easy. but i sure looks great esp in the sun, this car only took 2 months to get after i ordered it , shes a beauty, good luck on your 02 jack!!!! get the manual trans, jim

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