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Changing rear spring end link bushings


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Feb 23, 2002
Missouri City, TX, USA
82 Silver
Is this possible to do without any special tools. Concerned about spring being under tension. Do you jack up with wheels hanging, or do you support the spring or what. Fiberglass spring. Bushings are old rubber. Not going poly, but want new rubber.
Spring Bushings

Yup, 2 Jackstands, Floor jack, C-clamp, small block of wood, and some wrenches.

1) Jack the car up and place jack stands under the frame (in front of the rear wheels.)
3) Remove wheels.
2) C-clamp a small block of wood towards the end of the leaf spring, but make sure you leave enough room for the "saddle" of the floorjack to fit between the block and the spring bolt.

The block keeps the jack from sliding out on you.

4) Jack up on the spring until the tension is off the bushings.
5) Undo the bolt and remove your bushings. (BE CAREFUL!)
6) Reverse procedure to reassemble.
7) Repeat procedure for other side.

I would recommend using new bolts too.
Hope this helps! Sarge

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