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Help! Cheapest but most cost effective way to get my 85 auto going?


Jan 1, 2020
Milford Ma
Hi, I’ll start off by saying I’m pretty new to working on cars. I bought my c4 to have as a project. I bought it with at the least expecting a transmission rebuild. I’ve driven it enough times since I got it to determine I really like the low end power, but the higher end seems to not be anything special. It’s fun launching but holding it open going 50 brings me no excitement. Anyway my point is I’m at least out 1000 for a stock rebuild. Then after that I’d want to get it to have more all around power, which I hear the stock intake takes away that and is what gives it so much low end power. I see aftermarket intakes alone going for like $700. I sound stupid saying this but, wouldn’t it be cheaper and more cost effective to buy an LS motor and transmission? I know A LOT of fabrication would have to be done along with a lot of studying, but I have resources, meaning friends with lifts, a garage, that know how to do things that I don’t have the experience doing like welding and things like that. My reasoning for this is reliability with using a modern setup and I won’t need to worry about doing much engine work to get the power I want. It sounds stupid and definitely something somebody with little experience would post on a forum, but I’d really like anybody’s opinion, good or bad. I’d feel sad taking the originality from the car but it’s not like their super collectible or high in value either. I just don’t see a whole lot of potential with my L98 350. My other option is stroke it but then I’d double the cost of my transmission rebuild and have to worry about many other things too.
Thanks for the links. The first one really helped me out, don’t know how I didn’t see it before. The second one was not my style but I honestly really like it lol.

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