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Check Engine


Jun 29, 2006
Ames, IA
his: Blown 99 C5 Z51, hers: 81 Charcoal Metallic
What's the procedure for determining what is setting off the "Check Engine" light in my wife's 1981 Corvette?

It is completely stock.

Thank you. I jumped the two terminals that had no wall between them... NOTHING.

Check Engine light solid, no blinking for codes... :confused
xlr8shn ~ Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community ~

Have you tried the ole battery disconnect ;)

You may be able to clear all the codes and start fresh by disconnecting the Battery. By disconnection the power source "it should" reset the computer for a fresh start.

It's frustrating, keep moving forward there is a lot of talent onboard and lot's of great idea's and suggestions to help ;)

I'll disconnection the battery tonight to see of the light goes away. Love this site.

Disconnected battery for 1/2 hour. Reconnected, placed key in accessory position (i.e. all idiot lights come on, 1 more position away turns over the starter & engine)...

Check Engine light still lit up...

Jumped the two terminals of the ALDL connector below ashtray that are not separated by the plastic plug. Check Engine light stays solidly lit, i.e. no blinky.

Will get the GM Helms manual ordered. What else should I check before throwing money at parts that may not be broken?

Am this close >< from ordering intake, carb, and HEI (and then removing CEL bulb).... though that would be cheating.

Thanks in advance.
A pretty simple way to check if your computer is dead is as follows:

Turn your ignition on but do not start the car.
Under your ashtray you will find a plug with six(I think) slots.
With a paperclip or screwdriver, jump the two adjacent slots that look like they could be connected (no divider).
You should hear clicking noises coming from the carb. (the solenoid cycling).

If you do, the system is still working. If you don't, it isn't proof that it's fried, but it is an indicator.

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