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Checked the Callaway website

I agree, I don't know who designed their site, but they did a very poor job. You can't read or get to half the stuff. I'd be ashamed if one of the sites I've designed/manage had half the problems their's does.
Guy's, the site is evolving... It was a static information type site and is moving towards becoming a "storefront" site with a shopping cart, etc.

It has taken some time to do this , they just contracted with a service to work on the project, moving it forward and making it very presentable :cool

...Patience ;) :m
From what I remember thay abandoned the last site and had no updates and several links that were dead as well. That has been 2 years ago. I guess it's better late than never.... kind of like putting parts packages out for the C5 when the C6 has been released.
I hope they are getting back the Callaway for sale section again.

loved to browse around.

also waiting for the downloads section love to get some screensavers or movieclips
I hope they add the Cars for Sale link again.

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