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Choke Light

Thanks for the correction, Minifridge.. :upthumbs

In the Manual, Page 7-4 under the Bulb Data should show a bulb for the chooke light, but nothing else has been found yet.
My car is so torn up, it would be impossible to figure out why the light is there.
But anyone else can figure out what the light is supposed to do, I'd really like to know.
All 82s are like that.

It's just the bean counters at work, how much cheaper would it be to use all those earlier style tacho faces and leave out the bulb wiring/or have a whole new batch made without the choke light? They just silk screened the logo on, cheap enough.

There is NO bulb or harness for it, there's no bulb control for it on the ECM. It's a dud.

You should see all the useless stuff on an 84 cluster. Remember, these things were designed/being produced when GM was still not sure which engine to put in. 84s even have a non working choke light...and then some:

Thanks Twinny..

That ought to confirm it.. :upthumbs

I'll share with the 82CE crowd..

My 1982 has a bulb and a harness for the choke light.
I can't see behind the dash to tell where the harness goes, but it is definitely there.

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