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Question: 1966 Corvette parking light / turn signal problem


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Feb 6, 2024
1966 conv.
I noticed that my front parking lights were working on the wrong filaments ( parking lights on the bright filament and the turn signals working on the dim filament which is for the parking lights . Could not find this strange problem and all of the wiring was in bad shape so I replaced all of the wiring harnesses from the dash forward including the new parking lights , turn signal switch , headlight switch , horn relay , etc . and I still have the same problem with everything new . All of the wiring for the back lights work as it should from the dash connector back . Everything is absolutely connected right and all grounds are secure . There is no explanation for this problem so the only thing I know to do is cut the wires at the new front light harness and switch the wires for the filaments but I hate to do that with new lights . If you have a C2 will you see if your turn signals are flashing on the bright filament and the parking lights on the dim filament ? Thanks in advance .
Is this a car that you've had for some time, and it used to work properly or one that has done this since you've had it? Did you replace the harness from the firewall plug forward and the instrument panel harness also?
I have had the car for a couple years but never noticed if it was flashing on the right filaments until recently . I started to notice that when I would turn on my parking lights at dusk the turn signal indicator lights on the dash ( for both sides ) would flash erratically and like they had a poor connection . So I went to the front of the car and noticed that the parking lights were very bright like the turn signals should be and when I put the turn signals on the flashed more dim like the parking lights should be . So I assumed that Bubba somewhere down the road had switched the wires backward . I started checking all of the wiring and everything was a disaster so I decided to replace everything with Lectric Limited harnesses from the dash to the front of the car . So everything is new and I made sure to make secure grounds everywhere because I know a bad ground can cause some really odd things to happen. That is why I am baffled , everything is correct except the front parking /turn signal lights are burning on the wrong filaments. The back light all work correct on the proper filaments . Burning the wrong filaments for the parking light would produce enough heat to melt the lenses. I need to know if someone could check their front parking lights to see which filament is used for each . When I had my restoration shop before retiring I completely wired many hotrods and classic cars and this is one odd problem I have never seen.
Problem solved ! Never did find out what was causing the problem but I made it work by making a light harness adapter to plug into the parking lights to make the lights burn on the right filaments .
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Well, if it works, it works. You wouldn't have thought that you would have to do that. Odd things happen sometimes in the wiring.

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