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Choke light


Jul 31, 2018
Yukon Oklahoma
1981 Metallic Silver / Charcoal
I’ve been trouble my 81 electric choke. I have looked at the drawings and have neared it down to the oil pressure switch. It is the only thing in the circuit that I have not checked. I have an oil pressure gauge and it is behind the distributor. Does anyone know where the oil pressure switch is located?
The gauge switch is the pressure switch.

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If your choke light is on, the wire for it should be plugged into the RT side of the carb.

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Wire is plugged in. Light is on. Unplug wire from choke and light goes out. Puzzled. Voltage unplugged is 13.2 vdc, plugged in is 0 vdc. As I understand it, No voltage to the choke causes the Choke light to turn on.
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Start checking your ground's.
Make sure they are clean and free from dirt/rust or corrosion.
You can usually find them along the frame.

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