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Dec 27, 2001
Wyoming N.Y.
1961 270HP and 1963 340HP
Looking for information for the correct plating processes for 1961 and 1965 bumpers. I attended an auto show this weekend to view the quality of plating of a local company. The company plates steel and pot metal. The company plates with two different methods. Method one: nickel then chrome. Method two: copper, nickel and then chrome. The second method cost 25% more. The plater recommend the first method to acheive an original look.
Thanks for any help!
The original process was nickel, then chrome; OEM chrome process didn't use the copper base. "Show Chrome" (as opposed to OEM chrome) uses a copper base, which is polished, ground and re-plated with copper as necessary to provide a smooth, defect-free substrate for the nickel and chrome. OEM chrome pieces were nice, but were not smooth and defect-free.

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