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Cigarette Lighter


Apr 11, 2001
Reno, NV
1999 6 Speed Convertable
Guys, I can't find why my cigarette lighter dosent work. Yes, I've checked the fuse. Also (my car is 1991) I have a "hot" wire inside the console (for running cell phone/radar decter, etc.) That dosen't work either. Any ideas? Thanks, ART
Have you taken the console apart to see if a connection might have wiggled loose?

Ciggy -poo

ok.. have you checked all your fuses? did you pop the center console to see if the connector has poped loose... and what about this seperate line for all you other stuff? who put that in... and what circut is it attached to?

Guys, Yes I have taken the console apart -- the lighter is hooked up, no power from the hot wire. As for the other lead, all 91's have this hot wire in the console. I don't know what circut it's on -- yet. Thanks, ART
Questions please

Hi there,
First thing, do your underhood lights on each side work???
These are on the same fuse, which is labeled CTSY/CLK, and it is a 15 amp.
Check this, and let us know, c4c5

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