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Cleaning Throttle Bodies

All the auto parts stores should have TB cleaner. I got mine from advance auto parts.
Yeah Drewser I now have throttle bodies.

I bought a complete (nearly) CF intake including throttle bodies and air cleaner.

I'm now educating myself on all the electrical & mechanical connections of the CF intake.

Replacing the carbureted intake ought to be an interesting project.

How far you gonna break em down?

Or is this a surface cleaning?

I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. One of the CF intakes I bought is cleaned, painted and ready to install. All I have to do is clean the TBs and air cleaner and install them on the new intake.

I'm open to suggestions.

The guy I bought the intake from told me that they came off a running engine, but who knows for sure.

If this is not a major deal to do a rebuild kit on these, I'm thinking it would be a good idea. If time and money prevent a complete rebuild of the TBs, I'll probably just clean the surface.

It will take a while to make sure I have all the connectors and learn where they go.


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