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I recently had my windshield on my '93 convertible replaced. In Arkansas the Dept. of Transportation does not require (or doesn't enforce) the requirement to cover dump trucks hauling sand or gravel, thus the collision from a rock hitting the windshield. After the replacement, I noticed that the "outside temperature" display on my automatic climate control would consistently read 53 degrees. When the car was first started the display indicated the correct outside temp., but after a few seconds it would go back to 53 degrees and remain there. Today it was 73 degrees outside and the display stayed at 53 degrees. I think that when the windshield was replaced the sensor, which is located directly behind the windshield, must have relayed the temp. at the time of replacement and it was stored in computer memory somewhere??? I tried disconnecting the battery in an attempt to clear any codes, and it worked. The display is correct and all seems back to normal. Has anyone had this occur or can anyone explain the reason for it occuring in the first place? I guess in the future I will have to be on my guard when following gravel trucks here in this state. I do know that in New England if loaded dump trucks are stopped for being uncovered there is hell to pay - literally!

On startup does the Auto light flash for 60 seconds?

If your referring to the outside temp, that sensor is located at the mouth of the radiator intake. The sensor aft of the windshield is the sun sensor for inside temps, works in conjunction with the other interior/exterior sensor to regulate the a/c, etc.
RABBIT is correct the outside temp sensor is on the right hand side of the radiator on the forward (bumper) side. it looks kind of like those deer whistles you can get to mount on you bumper. Maybe one of those rocks snuck up and whacked it a good one ?
climate control

Thanks for all the information and setting me straight on the location of the sensor for the outside air temp. Whatever was wrong with the display has corrected itself, or maybe by disconnecting the battery contributed. In answer to the question by Vigman as to whether the AUTO light was flashing-- I didn't notice anything unusual except that the outside air temp. reading remained at 53 degrees. I suppose that it is possible that the sensor might have gotten whacked by a rock. Sometimes these Vettes take on a life of their own ; remember Christine by Stephen King? Thanks Vigman, Rabbit and Mr KTM for your responses.

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