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Close Ratio or Wide?



Just picked up a 63 conv (NOM), no documentation whatsoever. I'm thinking it was originally a 340hp car (327/275 in it now) as it has the 6500 tach. If it was, am I right in believing that this is a close ratio 4spd? Also, is there anyway to tell from the outside/stampings? Another side question. Just ordered a resto pkg from Chevy; does anyone know what is all in it (ie, does it come with the RPO info for the car)? Thanks, new to member to forum, and great info from all. EZ sends
Wide Or Close Ratio

It looks like the car was at least a 327-340hp. This engine and the 360hp fuelie were only available with the close ratio transmission. If it was a first half car (aprox 15000 or below) it would be a Borg Warner T10-1D. Later production switched to the Muncie M20. The Muncie used the M20 designation for both wide and close ratio that year. The VIN tag and the data plate should be located underneath the glove box. From this information you can determine the number of the car built in 1963, the date it was built, where the body was made (St Louis or A. O. Smith provided) and the original interior and exterior colors.

There are some good reference books on these subjects available at larger bookstores like Borders or Barnes and Noble.

Have fun with your new aquisition!

Joe D
The resto package includes dealer ordering information, AMA Vehicle Specifications, and other miscellaneous info - nothing specific to the car, as those records were trashed many years ago. If the car was sold new in Canada, they have all the detail info on the car, as they kept all those records; if it wasn't sold new in Canada, there are no records anywhere. Good Luck!
Welcome EZG63Conv

If you want more info on the '63 Borg-Warner or early Muncie discussion do a search of this forum ('63-'67 forum) for transmission, Muncie or Borg-Warner. Or else just page back into the older threads. We have had lengthy discussions on the subject and you will find a lot of info there. If I can help let me know.


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