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Clutch Safety Switch on a 92



Anyone out there know a trick to replacing the clutch safety switch. VERY tight place to get the switch out, not to speak of putting it back in?
I did this on my 89. There is no other way to do it than squeeze your tiny little fingers up in there and do it. Actually, I had a friend with smaller hands do it for me. It is really hard to do unless you're a contorsionist and have the patience of Jobe. Good luck.
It really is "Way UP There" isn't it. :hb

The only thing I've heard of that helps is to Remove the Drivers Seat for more room to get up in there.
I've even heard of removing the Clutch Pedal & Bracket, but that seems like more work then it's worth.

Thanks guys! Yep, it's WAY up there. I used a flex shaft socket extension and fish hook remover to remove it. It indeed is like performing surgery from a remote location while standing on your head, LOL. The replacement is forcasted to be equally as delicate.

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