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code 33 maf sensor



Just wanted to let everybody know what just happened with my codee 33 on my 86. I replaced maf sensor(first with a cheap Advance Auto replacement, which took away the code 33 but car wouldn't idle). Took that one back and ordered a Bosch one from Eckler's. While I was waiting for that to arrive I replaced both MAF power relay and MAF burnoff relay, and also installed new harness connector pigtails for relays. I installed new Bosch sensor and STILL had a code 33. Went through the service manual diagnostic chart again, and it kept saying the burn-off relay was bad. I figured a brand new one couldn't be bad, especially since it was a Delco relay. Well I reinstalled the original OEM relay, the code went away and car runs great. Point of story, nowadays new doesn't always mean it works right. And (with Corvettes) it is usually best to go with OEM brand replacement parts. And always follow your GM service manual, even if you have to do the tests 3 or 4 times to make sure you diagnose problem correctly. Hope this story helps somebody else who is throwing a code 33.

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