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Code Jackpot!!


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Jul 25, 2001
2008 Silver Coupe

My FX-3 dignostic codes are as follows:13_14_21_22_23_41_42_43_34_33_32_31.

I have a problem.My service ride control light is on.I pulled all these codes out.

I don't like this one bit.

But hey,I did hit the jackpot.It just not a good jackpot.

This is EVERY code in the FX-3 diagnostic list.

Where do I begin to start looking?
It dosen't make any sense to me.I mean,every code at one dignostic session?

O.K.I guess I just start at square one.

See ya.I will be posting.Please help if you know what's wrong.(I knew you would:D )
Hi.It's me rdgfx3 again.
I've cleared all codes,drove around a little and returned with a code 32.

I checked that shock and the gear on top of the shock had a chunk out of it.The chunk was in the actuator so I bonded it back to the gear.When it cures I'll see what happens.
It's a shot in the dark,but I might as well try it.Hey,ya know,it might actually work!
The Vette is back and forth on the right front problem.I have to get out and adjust it about every three stops.It usually times out and throws the code.

Didn't I read somewhere that someone is manufacturing the gears for the FX-3 shocks and actuators so a person would not have to buy new parts,when the old ones were still good(like mine)?
There's nothing more aggravating than those frieking codes. I had my Service Ride Control light come on not to long ago. It turned out that if you disconnect the battery a certain # of times without the car actually moving (or something like that) it will cause this light to come on. Turned out that as soon as I backed out of the garage the light went off and never came back on.
At least you've got your problem pretty much nailed down. I'm not very knowledgable (<--sp?) when it comes to the FX-3 system. In fact, I'm looking into getting my car a little lower and I'm thinking I might have to go with different shocks to do it. We'll see though......keep us posted rdgfx3

You can have it lowered and keep the FX3.I did.
It really improves the look and the handling.
I already lowered mine with the Mid-America kit. It does look good, I just think it can look better. All the guys that have the really low ZR's are running coil over suspensions.

Coilovers are a shock with the spring coiled arround the shock (roadracing, stock cars, sprint cars).
You would remove all of the other springs to install them.
They allow easy spring rate changes, ride height changes and dampening.
The down side is expense, they generaly ride rough and I have heard of several shock mount failures.
Oh,geez.I feel like a dope.
I didn't realize you could put them on a C-4.
rdgfx3 said:
I checked that shock and the gear on top of the shock had a chunk out of it.The chunk was in the actuator so I bonded it back to the gear.When it cures I'll see what happens.

If you mean the small, gear-like "knob" at the very top of the shock, that part is metal. It would have been very hard to "bond" that back together.

If that little gear fractured, you're better off sending all four shocks to Bilstein in San Diego, California and have them rebuilt.
It did not last.I got two cycles out of it.
I called Bilstein and we discussed revalving and rebuilding,etc.
He suggested I go ahead and buy new for the lifetime warranty,and if I wanted,I could send in the old ones for revalving,and having them available for autocross.Their repair/revalve shocks have no warranty.

I could have sworn I saw a post mentioning availability of the gear itself.It shouldn't be hard for the right person with the right tools to duplicate one.

Thanks for your reply.:)
Jay, its jeff, I met you at Octobervettes. I got the Greenwood GC4 kit put on my 93 torch red in time for Eckler's Reunion. This kit is a true working kit. My wife was following me the other day in the rain and had to back way off because of the rooster tail of water being pulled from under the car. As I approach 60mph I can feel the car getting "heavy" from the downforce. Also the car looks so so much lower... without actually lowering! I also talked with John Greenwood about "other" good, working stuff to do to the C4's - which is all he works with.

**One of the things he has worked out is a very slight change to the location of some front suspension pieces and "coil over" additions - which you mentioned earlier in this thread. Greenwood claims amazing benefits. I can get you his phone#.

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