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Here goes, I recently replaced my heads and intake, now it seems and all went well, however when I first start my 77 it blows white out the exhaust. Keep in mind that once she warms up it stops and when I accelerate and open the 4 bb up nothing is coming out the exhaust. Any suggestions.


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You didn't say what motor you have but I presume it is a small block 350. Most likely the white smoke you see at start up is due to leaky valve guide seals. Chevy motors are notorious for them. It won't hurt anything but it sure ain't pretty when that white cloud appears. Did you have the valves redone in your new heads? You may have to do them again.
Keep a real close eye on your coolant fluid level, if it drops and the smoke at start-up continues I would be a little suspect of a leak either at the intake or in one of the heads. Also pay attention to the exhaust for a sweet smell, antifreeze will give a distinct odor.

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