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Color sanding

Larry's Yellow Rdstr

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Oct 19, 2002
Redlands, Ca.
05 black cpe-Porsche GT3
I've had my 2004 Coupe for a week today, and today I had a real opportunity to see it in bright sunlight. I can't describe the number of fine scratches on the hood and front bumper cover. I don't think they will buff out, and will need color sanding or repainting to look right. If I were a betting man I would say this car was somehow involved in a nasty divorce and someone took revenge on the Corvette. (bought the car on an overcast day and really haven't inspected it until today)

I have done some color sanding in the past with mixed results, but as screwed up as the paint is on this car I probably could'nt hurt it too much. Car runs like new, thats why I bought it.

Question: How many mils thick in the clear coat. The car also has considerable thick orange peel in several places that I could address. I'm getting bad vibes even thinking of sanding the car and probably should get a professional evaluation.

Any suggestion will be appreciated. The car looks great from a distance but get within 10 feet and it looks like a dozen cats slept on the hood nightly.


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Dec 18, 2002
Boothwyn Pa
You could always try a small spot with some 3000 and see if it improves the look. If so do the entire hood. I have wet sanded panels before with no problems.

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