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Coming out of storage


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Jun 17, 2001
Timmins, Ontario, Canada
77 black coupe
Im gonna finally be able to go get my 77 corvette out of storage. The last time i started it was in december.

What should I do or look at before i start it up again since its been parked there for so long.

Thanks for the help..


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Oct 12, 2000
Amarillo, TX
1981 UL5
Bringing Baby out to play


Here is a little check list I used when I lived where I had to store my Corvettes for the winter ;)

  • Check interior and motor compartment for critters or droppings, this is an indication you may have an unwanted family living in your Car. If there are you will want to clean everything up, esp. the engine. Nothing worse than droppings and urine from critters when the engine gets hot! YUCK! and it makes it harder to clean after the engine gets hot!
  • Check fluid levels and for any puddles under the Car.
  • Give all the belts and hoses a little tug make sure they are snug and haven't split or cracked.
  • Take a set of jumper cables and another battery, just incase the battery went dead from sitting.
  • Check the tire pressue and visual the tires for checking or dry rot.
  • Push the car out of storage if possible before starting it, never know what might have crawled up into the exhaust system.
  • Take someone with you to help listen and watch while you start it, extra eyes and ears!
  • Let the choke set before reving it.
  • Take drive and get everything warmed up and bearing moving.
  • Park it on clean pavement for about 30 minutes or so, then recheck the fluids and for leaks.. sometimes sitting idle for a period of time the seals flatten out and begin to leak e.g. esp.. the power steering control valve assy..
  • CHANGE THE OIL and run the old gas out, ROAD TRIP..
  • You may have to drain the old gas if it has gone bad :(, fill her up with new gas and ROAD TRIP to get the lines and carb back to breathing fresh again ;)

Good Luck and enjoy the ride :bu


Also, soak the spark plugs with some penetrant and remove each one. Give each cylinder a small shot of oil. Some guys will put a small amount of transmission fliud in the crankcase to aid any dried valve seals. Untreated gas will go stale, so mix in some high-test or drain what you have.. If used, it can turn into varnish in the combustion process. I guess it all depends on how you prepared for the storage.


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