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Complete coolant flush?


Chris N

Does anyone have suggestions of how to get the most thourough coolant flush and drain of engine, radiator, etc?

Is it ok to run the engine a little to allow the water pump to push some coolant out (before the temp rises) or is there some risk to the optispark or other components?

The radiator drain is obvious, but should I remove any hoses?

Any tricks for draining / flushing the fill and recovery tanks?

Thanks for all of the great advise folks!

So far, owning my first vette has been cool and with no problems in 1000 mi.


PS is it normal to have 260 millivolts between negative and coolant, or is that excessive electrolisis?

According to "the book" you will need to remove the knock sensors on each side of the block to get the block to drain completely. On mine(LT1) there are vents, one on the thermostat housing and the other on the TB to vent the air out when you refill. It indicated draining, refilling, and running several times before replacing the collant.
Lots of luck

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