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Compression for Vortech Blower?



Okay. I am going to build an engine next month. Was going to go with high compression 11.5-12:1 compression. But after realizing with the help of many of you that I would be shooting myself in the foot by screwing myself out of a blower in the future, I decided to back down the compression. What would be strong without a blower, and stronger with? 9.5:1? 1976 Stringray. I am going to do a chevy 350. I want to run low to mid 13's without the blower. I do cruise around with my car. I have a 3.08 gear, will upgrade, and a 700r4 trans... 2500 stall speed. All help is appreciated....


9.0:1 or 9.5:1

I think those CR numbers are the safest bet in making good N/A power and yet still in the range for the blower. Many factors like aluminum/iron cylinder heads, compressed head gasket thickness and camshafts will come into play. However, if you never opt for the blower, you can play with these variables to get the times and performance you desire. Things like stall speed should be determined with vehicle weight, rear gears, gearbox ratios, and all that stuff. I could give you different combos, but I would hate to lead you in the wrong direction. It would pay off tremendously to read some literature on blown mills and talk to supercharger companies, so that you can get a better idea of where to start.

Please visit Procharger and order their free information. In it, you will see an article from Super Chevy and some other engine combos that will provide some guidance for you. It should take about a week to receive and it's invaluable, in my opinion. Like the saying goes, "Knowledge is power."



I did some searching on the web and ran into this site. The engine configurations are probably worth a good look over. 350 Combos.


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