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Converting to an 11 inch clutch



My clutch ain't making it.
I don't want to go to a race clutch because of the chatter at less than a high RPM launch so I was thinking about converting from the 10.5 inch to an 11".
Is the only change, besides the disk and pressure plate, a change in the flywheel?
I don't know for sure if they are the same or not.

So, did you claim a victim with the last grasp of the clutch, or did it just go away on you?

Just found out that I blew the clutch away on her 90 after my little Solo II adventure last weekend. She said it is slipping now.

At least I can bragg about taking first. Please remind of that when I am underneath it trying to drop the ZF out on my chest. Oh yea, and trying to put it back in while lining up the splines.

I tore the center out of my stock clutch last year and ended up doing the change to an 11". I'm not positive because I also changed my bellhousing after looking at it and seeing some less than "good" welding, and went to a Lakewood scattershield but you may have to change the starter. I'm sure you'll get better info from some of the other members. 59Tom is the one who would know, I've never seen him stumped. I used a Centerforce disc and pressure plate and it has no chatter to it and I get VERY easy rubber in fourth. Always replace the pilot bearing and throwout bearing as a rule of thumb while it's down.

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