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Coolant change ?'s


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Jul 20, 2005
Scituate, MA
2000 Navy targa
I've got 36,000 miles, but more importantly, 6 year old Dexcool in the radiator. The coolant change procedure in the factory manual is a little wierd: open the expansion tank 1/4 turn, let it hiss and let off pressure, then drain it, then fill it, run it to 212 degrees F, then let off pressure as before, and then add more coolant.

Doesn't it make more sense to run it with the cap open and "burp" it by letting it run and adding coolant that way? Maybe top it up a little more the next day? In between it says to run it one minute, and rev it to 3000 rpm a few times, then heat it up to 212. It doesn't mention letting it cool all the way down before turning the cap 1/4 turn to releive pressure. Very Bizarre!

Also, is any DEXCOOL ok or do you have to use GM or Havoline?

Thanks, Bluemill


I changed my 1998's out at 53,000 3 years ago. I changed the upper and lower radiator hoses and thermostat.

I used Havoline Dexcool, 50/50 mix with Distilled water. Remove the throttle body coolant hoses to bleed the system. I opened the radiator drain valve too. Once coolant comes out of the hoses, you have bled the system.

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