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Help! Coolant Leak !!!

john steele

New member
Aug 21, 2008
Atlanta Ga.
97 C5 coupe
Hello, I recently had to change my raditor due to hitting a pothole and cracking the plastic part on the bottom of radiator by the drain plug. found all this out after i started overheating and stopped to find no coolant in surge tank and coolant steam coming from crack. I changed the raditor and ran for couple hours and it seemed to be fine. Next morning i noticed drops of coolant on the garage floor and saw it was coming from around or above the oil filter? A mechanic said there is a o-ring at the heater core that could be bad or blown out from overheating. Its no more than drops coming from this area and i cant see anything from the topside of engine. My question is has anyone had this experience or know where the leak could be coming from. Thanks for your help. John

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