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coolant on an 87



I was just taking some corrosion off my battery, and i noticed while the was hood up and engine running, there was a leak on one of hoses going to the radiator. I figure this happened when i had goodyear purge my radiator. anyhow, i then looked at my overflow tank, and found it was nearly empty (it was right on line with the hot level). acting on impulse, i dumped about 3/4 of a gallon of pure coolant into the overflow tank, all the way to the top of the tank. my concern is, will this cause any damage, or just lower my operating temp. secondly, i'm also confused as to when i should fill coolant into the overflow tank or directly into the radiator. Finally, regarding the cables that connect to my battery terminals, the positive i noticed is copper, wheras the negative looks like chrome or some just shiny metal; is this the stock config, or has this car been modified? thanks,


The water in your overflow won't be sucked back into your radiator until the water temp decreases. Water is purged into your overflow when your car is hot, and sucked back into the radiator when it cools off. This is a product of the water expanding and contracting as it heats up and cools off, so the cool water you added won't bother anything. Also, you should always add water to your overflow tank, however you need to make sure you take care of the leak, or your system may not operate properly and your car could overheat.

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