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Cooling Fan Question


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Aug 17, 2001
Ocala, Florida
1996 Black Convertible
Both of my cooling fans will not come on. If I jumper the relay they run like a champ. Is there a temp sensor for each fan or just one that kicks in the aux fan when the temp gets extra high and where the heck is it?
I have a '96 with auto trans.

Any Idea's?

Thanks gang.
A bandaid solution would be to install the switch kit available from Mid America, Ecklers and Zip's...that way when you notice the temp going up you can at least force the fans on and save your motor until you can diagnose the initial problem.
Thank you for the replies.

No, I don't have a repair manual. I need to go get one. I don't do much of the work on the car.

I did find two fuses under the hood, one for each fan, and they check out OK. I jumped the power side of the relays. The temp gage works.

On the one relay there is two large wires, red/white and two small wires, red/blue and the other one has large red/blue and small red/green wires. I jumped the red/white wires and both fans came on and stayed on until I took the jumper off.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks Friends...... :w
Thank you Kieth, I will go out a nose around. If I can get my lazy butt in gear I will make a trip to Barnes & Noble's and see if they have a manual I can follow.

Thanks again,

Cooling Fans

The 5 amp fuse if for the control of the fans. This power goes to the coils on the 3 relays. The relays are controlled by the pcm. The pcm grounds the wire from the coil to energize the relay. There are 2 outputs on the pcm, points 10 and 11 on the "red" connector, C1. The other 2 fuses are for the fan motors.
When the first relay is energized, both fans are connected in series and run at a lower speed because there is only 6 volts across each motor. When the second output in inergized, the other 2 relays also energize and the fans are then switched to full 12 volts and run in high speed. I do not remember the wire colors off the top, but I can look them up if you desire.
BTW. because the control is by the pcm, it is the coolant temperature that the pcm sees that triggers them. I would have to look them up but these temperatures are programmable if you have a Hypertech or similar.
I hope this helps.

GrandSport 598
Thanks Gang.

I found out what the problem was. There was a shorted wire and it burnt up both relays. I put the car in the shop and they guy there said the problem was an easy one and he showed me the problem. With parts, labor and good old tax it cost less than $100. He also checked out the entire system and said everything looked great.

I check out the Hayes manual I got Sunday at Pepboys and it was Greek to me. I'm OK with stuff like breaks but when it comes to finding an electrical bugaboo.... Well, call me a dummy.


Jim :bash
Actually I have three, Haynes, Chiltons and Clymer. Each has it's own merit. The Clymer has more detailed pictures but lacks electrical diagrams. The haynes has a better electrical diagrams but no vacuum diagrams where the Chilton has vacuum diagrams.

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