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Cooling Fans again


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Aug 14, 2001
Lido Beach,New York
1993 Convertible 1999 FRC Pewter sold
I have an '86 with the HD fan option. One fan in front of rad, one behind. The engine side fan actuates at about 220 degrees. The other one, in front of the rad does not seem to come on. It is hard to tell since the rear one will cool enough to lower the temp. Does anybody know the sequence on these? Does one come on first and the other kick in only if it gets hotter or stays hot? Or are they supposed to come on together? I know there is another post, but that was for a latter model.
The large fan in front of the motor kicks on around 226 degrees. From what I have been told, the little auxilary fan in front kicks on in case of emergency around 240-something. I actually wired my auxilary fan hot to an "on" "off" switch by my shifter in case I needed it.

JT ZR-Won said:
I actually wired my auxilary fan hot to an "on" "off" switch by my shifter in case I needed it.

Jay, how did you do this (what wires did you use)? I installed the temperature sensor to kick the booster fan on/off at 185 but of course it never gets that cool once it warms up past 185, and instead of buying one of the kits to wire it, I figure it can't be that difficult to wire something else in there eh? I haven't changed my thermostat from stock by the way.

Thanks, _ken
Ken, if you run it hot to a switch, it won't even matter what thermostat you have because you can just turn it on or off at your own convenience without affecting anything else. Your auxilary fan is already grounded and has a power wire already going to it. It's been quite some time since I did this, but I think all I did was splice into the lead wire and ran about 6 or 7 feet of wire to the positve on the battery. Somehwere in the middle I spliced into that wire and ran my wire for my switch which I neatly mounted in front of my shifter. I remember it being really easy to do.

The only reason I really did it was so that when I went to the track, I could turn the fan on to help cool the motor while the car was between runs and not running. It worked out nice too....

Thanks Jay. :upthumbs

BTW, nice avatar! :cool Now where's your profile photo? :L
1987 Z51 said:
BTW, nice avatar! :cool Now where's your profile photo? :L

Thanks Ken.......still working on the profile photo :)
No offense Ken, but that is one frightening looking profile photo:D

i have an 86 also, i know i have the heavy duty radiator, whats the RPO for the HD fan?
cooling fans again

HD Rad is RPO V01, Boost Fan is B4P, Oil Cooler is KC4

I don't know if there is a Pep Boys where you live or not. I can't remember the brand name they sell, but they are the only local store with this particular part.

They sell a fan thermostat relay kit for about $30. You have to take the radiator shroud off to install but well worth it.

You can use it to flip the fan on and off using either a power or ground depending on the way you wire it.

Here is the benefit. It will cycle your cooling fan on at 180 and off at 170. It is a stand alone unit and easy to service. I install them on everything to over ride the computer fan setting. It also has a second provision for a wire jumper feed from your a/c unit to kick the fan on and off with the a/c.

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