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Corvette C5 (1997-2004) Pre-Cut Under-Carpet Front Insulation Kit


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Jun 18, 2011
Dayton, OH
2003 Torch Red Coupe
This is a new PRE-CUT under-carpet insulation kit for the front half (passenger compartment) of the Corvette C5 (1997–2004).

This front kit fits the coupe, convertible or Z06. The rear kit is different for each model, but the front kit is the same for all three models.

This kit was purchased from Exotic Vette - take a look at their link for pictures.

I purchased the full kit (front and back), installed the rear half, and decided that’s all I wanted to do, so the front half is up for sale.

With this kit you'll be able to use your center console to keep things in without the worry of it melting! Forget about the console heat on your legs and feet on long cruises too. The noise reduction will make conversations much more enjoyable with your passenger. The stereo will perform more efficiently with less road noise to compete against. Climate control will work faster and more effectively also.

The material is a semi-dense neoprene foam covered on BOTH sides with heat-rejecting foil (REJECTS 97% of radiant heat) It is 3/16" thick so it will not interfere with fit for reassembly. This material is also used in Dodge Vipers from the factory (and Prowlers when they were in production) and a big manufacturer like that wouldn't spend money on something that didn't work!

Full instructions (installation guide and diagram) guide even the inexperienced through disassembly and install, with pictures, tool list (basic hand tools), and floor layout diagram.
Requires one can of spray adhesive (not included) and optional aluminum tape for edge sealing and a clean look. Home Depot sells the aluminum tape in the A/C ductwork area. They also have 3M '90’ spray adhesive in the paint department.

This kit is sold as-is. It is the complete kit with all the manufacturer's installation instructions.

This kit will cost you $135 (includes shipping) if you order it from Exotic Vette, so buy the kit from me and save some $$.

$84.97 with free shipping in the continental U.S.

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