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judas vette

hi vette people

my new engine in my 78 corvette had only run 1800miles and is in a outstanding condition with wealthy 350HP.but because iam a acceleration freak i like to push hard on the gas pedal.what do i need to do to keep the engine in this outstanding condition and also the rest of my vette? i wanna keep on leaving mercedeces and porsches behind my back mirror.

THANKS allot people

judas vette how often should i change these .every year?


PS: how can i post some pics so that they come in good quality?
judas vette

keith you have a cool page with cool pics of your vette. the interior is quit the same as mine . but your paintjob is awesome.
i already was planning to have an new paintjob it really needs it .
did you do the paintjob by your self?

See ye
Judas Vette,

Welcome to CACC. You can cruise over to the Proving Grounds segment of the forum to add a photo to your signature, or test attaching pictures to your post.

Basically, if you look at the bottom of the screen when creating a thread there is an area to attach file. If you have a qualified photo on disc you can simply upload it there.

If you have a website, or someplace with a URL on the web with photos you want, while creating a thread look above the text box at the list of buttons. One of them says IMG. Click that and paste in the URL address for that photo. Please keep the size in check.

Finally, look at the very top of the screen in your register profile section and you will see a photo button there. It will let you upload into that area to do your thing.

Can't wait to see some pics.

1. Make sure it's tuned well.
2. Put in a low temp. stat (not really a engine saver but power gainer!)
3. Change the oil not by mileage, but by viscosity.
4. Make should you are using a high enough octane fuel rating so there is no pre ignition.
5. Also check all fluids regularly.

Well there is two ways.

1. Have a really expensive fluid-testing machine.
2. The other way is pull out your dipstick and wipe the oil of on your fingers. Rub them back and fourth on each other and feel how your fingers slide. Now for the tricky part. The speed shop where I learned this trick had multiple jar of oil all varying in viscosity. (they had a machine to test them) The reason for this is you need to feel what bad oil feels like. Once you have done this it’s an easy way to check oil. The really weird part was some of the bad oils look perfectly clean. Don’t get me wrong I still change my oil every 3000 miles, but check it regularly just in case it would go bad. It takes some practice getting this down fairly good, but once you kinda have a feel for it, it comes easy. Here something to try on your next oil change rub some old oil in your fingers, then try it again with new oil and see if there is a big difference if so the difference is the viscosity. Also this was done with natural oil of the same grade not synthetic I’m not sure this will work on synthetic. This is not a hyper accurate test but if your oil has gone bad you should be able to feel it.

I think the computer monitors your driving habits, oil temp, how long the car was on, how far you have traveled, what speed did you travel. and some how guesses from this data. That is the only way I can think of it doing it, but if any one knows for sure please speak up.

Well I am not sure if thats how the computer does it or if it does it at all. I mean measure all those things and makes a decision.
Like i said i don't know but that sounds to complex to be practical. As the viscosity changes so do the properties of the oil, i would think that its got some sensor that measures a certain property and when it reaches a certain limit the alarm goes off. That would be much easier.

Thats just a guess though. I would like to see how the computer detects the need for an oil change!

I have no clue how it does it, but all the info I listed your car takes anyway.
1. Style of driving your car now re tunes the engine for how you drive it.
2.It also knows at what temp your engine is at.
3.By the odometer it knows how far you traveled
4. Most cars already figure your avg. speed.

I figured they would just use this data instead of using another censor, but this is just a guess.

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