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Press Release Corvette Coming to Australia...ah nup!


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Dec 19, 2010
Gold Coast Australia
1984 Two-tone Blue Coupe
Just when we thought we were finally getting the Vette down-under in RHD format, the plug was pulled.

Well, the plug was never in.

Corvette coming to Australia as Holden says it will have a V8 hero car once factory closes in 2017

There reason is very clear...GM will NEVER put a Holden badge on the front of the Vette, and as a die-hard Aussie, I would love to see the Vette here factory backed, but I would hate the Holden badge on it.

The only solution is to kill off the Holden Brand and swap it for Chevrolet, hey all Holden do is order the vehicle in and badge them as they come in anyway, lets kill off the brand and open the GM market up to Chevrolet.

Not happy the Vette isn't officially coming here...:mad
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I hope it comes to Autralia officially one day!!! I've seen those Aussies handle cars (especially American), they deserve it! :thumb

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