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Corvette Fuel Injection book


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
I just saw one on eBay that he would use the "Buy It Now" for $39.00 + $4.95 for shipping. Does that sound like a fair deal or should I look at the bookstore first?

I'm really interested in learning how to work on the small block. I remember someone mentioned that book in another thread.

try elsewhere

Corvette Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Management has a list price of 34.95 new. Try the bookstore.

Thank you very much for that information; I've just ordered it and it should be arriving soon. If not for you, I would've probably ended up spending $40 for the book alone.

Thanks again!:upthumbs

Do you have that book? I'm really excited about it and can't wait for it to arrive! I figured that I couldn't go wrong for $25.

Have you checked out the Lingenfelter book?
Hey guys, Keith was on the right track here in the beginning. If you're going to be buying books, you should make that purchase through our link to Amazon.com. If you make a purchase through them, a portion of the proceeds, negligible as they may be, go to the feed and care of the Corvette Action Center Community. ;)

_ken :w

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