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Corvette moving out of the States - which parts should I buy for backup?


Mar 24, 2018
Good morning Corvette Family!

I had my 1978 Corvette for 1 year now and I love it!
In about a year from now, I will be moving from the US to Cyprus, and she will be going with me.
Because Corvette parts are basically not existing there, I wanted to ask you what I should buy and take with me.
Something is going to break, there is no question about it; nothing lasts forever.
But I want to take some parts with me that tend to break more often than others.
You are the experts, please let me know!
Additionally, what do you think I should check prior to shipping her?

Thank you in advance!
Go through all of the usual service items before you ship the car too. Things like wheel bearings/seals, especially the rear and u-joints and alignment. Ball joints, tie rods, steering rag joint, radiator service and hoses, trans service, check the brake calipers, especially if they have never been rebuilt or replaced with stainless sleeved ones, and the condition of the brake hoses and hard lines. I'd also throw a pair of wiper blades and valve cover gaskets in that parts box to take along. Also make sure your emergency brake works. Not sure about Cyprus but in Germany an emergency brake that would not lock up the rear wheels from a roll would be a fail during safety inspection.

In general, use the next year before you go to make sure that anything that even looks suspect is repaired or replaced and you will save a lot of time and money as well as headaches trying to get a Corvette repaired in a country where Corvettes are rarely seen by the local repair shops.


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