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Corvette Resto-mods - Yes or No

What's your view or thoughts about Corvette Resto-mod?

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'64 Roadster


As a former Corvette restorer, one would expect that when John Kundrot ran across a basket case Tuxedo black '64 fuelie roadster at the Carlisle swap meet, the only thing on his mind would be bringing it back to its former glory. That's just not the case; John didn't want anything to do with original anymore. "They are what they are," John said, "they don't stop, they don't handle, they're just pretty cars." Over the past seven years John has endeavored to use his knowledge of all things Corvette to mix the best bits of various generations together to make his '64 an all-around performer. Starting with an SR3 chassis, John used a C5 front suspension and a C4 rear suspension to create the balanced handling he was looking for. The brakes are C5 and C4, front and rear respectively, and, of course, the engine is a modified LS1 from a C5 Vette. Often late-model wheels don't quite work on early cars due to the design differences, but we're surprised how perfect the C5 Z06 Vette wheels look on a midyear. Apparently John's formula is spot-on because the '64 flat-out works well. John not only autocrosses it regularly, he also does road course work and drag racing, typically driving to and from the events as well while clocking 28 mpg in comfort of cruise control, A/C, and XM radio.

Thanks very much for finding these phenomenal Vettes!

I enjoy every one you post.

Resto mods

After seeing these works I am growing fond of the resto mods. These pics are beautiful though I probably wouldn't choose to do it myself I think there are some well engineered rides out there!

Thanks for the pics.....Ron G..

96 ce coupe w/44,000 clicks.
I love original corvettes and wouldn't hack one up. However: at the point a nut and bolt restoration is done the car isn't "original" anymore. I'd much rather see a car that is kept looking pretty stock with updated suspension, brakes, wheels (tastefully done), and engine / tranny that can truly be driven in today's traffic. There won't be another generation of Corvette fans if they all stay hidden in garages because they are too scary to drive.

Anyone who hasn't driven an older 'vette recently should try to. I'll never forget going with my brother in his '78 Pace Car down the highway a few years back. It sounded like the engine was going to blow through the hood barely going 70 MPH. Manufacturers didn't plan on 70 MPH speed limits back then (remember double nickel 55 MPH everywhere?). And not only did it not go fast very well but the brakes were worse.
Cobra Killer


Fred Garvin loves Corvettes. In fact, he currently owns seven complete models spanning four generations – from a 1963 Split Window Sting Ray to a 2004 LS6 Z06.

1 fine '59


Brent Jarvis, owner and builder at Performance Restorations built this '59 Vette a while back. It was one of those cars he built to show off exactly what he and his shop could do. It's not a trailer queen car show static ride, it's a real race car.

I see that American ingenuity can live with American dreams. I have liked Corvettes since I was a sprout watching "Route 66". Having grown well into my 6th decade I do like modern comforts. I never thought I would have the "beans" to have one of my own. My '65 basket came with most of the original parts. The engine was lost when it came apart early in it's life. I can't have a restored classic but I can have a renewed C2. I do appreciate these Restomods and I can say that the faithfully restored cars are amazing. I do like my '65 for what it is and what it will be. An amazing bit of Chevrolet engineering. CAC is a fine collection of very helpful Corvette enthusiasts. I am happy to have found this and many other threads on line. Keep sharing this world.

I vote stock, this subject hits close to home as someone "trashed" my fathers old and very correct 1964 original survivor car with a LSx conversion.

The family has the window sticker, and bill of sale when sold as new from Ammon R. Smith Chevrolet.

What happened to that nice running L76 327?
What a shame! I greatly enough the resto-mod idea but there are enough modified, rough or otherwise non-correct cars out there... Why molest an original?? :(


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