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Corvette won't start unless...........



Hi folks !!!!!!! My 85' corvette will not start unless I move or wiggle the shift lever(automatic-700R4) around.....any Ideas ????
This just started to happen.....Went out to start my lady and she would'nt start...So I pulled it out of park and pushed it back in firmly and then it would start.......Now it is a regular thing.....I must fix this....any Help out there???????thanx alot guys and gals!!!!!!! Justin


how hard is it to replace and find? I know on my old mustang this went out and I just unplugged and never had to worry about it again. Is this the same case for the vette? Thanks


Well I just looked in My shop manual.......... its on the shift lever. Looks to me like you have to take off the instrument panel cover (around the speedo) the center cover (around the radio) that lets you get to the screws for the front of the console cover (it's under there). This is on an 85 so yours may be different but no you can't just unplug it it needs to pass the power to the starter that's why when you wiggle it (shift lever) it'll start now that said it may just have a loose screw and need adjusted (the switch might not be bad) however the switch isn't too expensive (as vette parts go)


Already did this....undo the screws holding the center piece, you can remove it without removing the dash piece, just pull it out a bit to get the center piece out. Then remove the screws holding the console piece. Now with a small screw driver gently wedge it down the side of the shifter botton and pry it up and out. Be careful and you won't break it. Once that is removed there is a snap ring that holds the shift knob down. remove it and the knob comes off. Then remove the console piece. On the right side of the shifter you will see the safety switch, there are 2 bolts holding it in.Remove the bolts and the wire plug and out it comes. Now I just love to fix things so I took mine apart and cleaned it and found one of the brass tracks inside had come loose.I used a pair of needle nose pliars and readjusted the tracks, pulled the springs apart to give more tension and put it back together. Then reinstalled the switch . Now for the fun part. There is a detailed adjustment process in the Chiltons manual for making the reverse lights work right, basically I semi tightned the bolts on the switch, put the shifter in reverse and moved the switch until the backup lights came on then tightned the bolts. Move the shifter from park to reverse then to neutral to make sure you have it right then reassemble the rest of the pieces. Any questions just hollar! Good luck...


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Get A NEW switch!

It's cheap enough.....

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