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Cost of new clutch



My 1994 C4 6 speed clutch engages at the very top of the pedal, I was told that since this is a self adjusting clutch that my clutch is on its way out. I have not noticed any slipping, but I drive it pretty easy and havn't had it very long. Does any one know roughly what it will cost to get a new clutch installed at a daler/shop?. I have no ability to do it myself so that is not a option. Should I get a OEM unit since I pretty much cruise and don't race it or pull holeshots, or should I get some other type? The car runs fine now ,but if the clutch can't be adjusted it does worry me that it doesn't engage until the clutch is almost all the way up. Please give me some advice. Thank you.
Hi there,
Yes, your clutch is on the way out, as the high pedal is an indication that your disc is thin, because of wear.
As for the repair, you must purchase a new flywheel, pressure plate, driven plate, throwout bearing, and pilot bearing.
I would recommend OEM, as this is the easiest, and the most reliable for street driving.
Labor should be about the 4-5hour range.
Let us know how you make out, c4c5

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