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I have hair-line cracks about 4 in. long on the inside panel, on both sides, at the back window of a 77 vette.
Is there a quick and easy fix for this. It's not very noticeable, but I am afraid if I don't do something, it might spread. Thanks for any input...:)

77vette, no, you're not being ignored, it's probably just that nobody has a good answer for ya. ;)

When I was doing my interior, I discovered a crack in the passenger footwell. (See post entitled floorpan crack! in the off-topic section.

I took it to a local fiberglass shop, The Fiberglass Body here in SoCal, and they fixed it for around $120. No more water leakage.

Hope this helps, at least ya know you're not ignored. :D
Thanks 1987 Z51 for the input....My hair-line cracks are actually on the exterior, back where the back window is. It's on the inside panels of the roof that come around the back window.....it appears to be stress related..again not that noticeable, I'll have to keep an eye on them to see that they don't grow...Thanks again...:w
I have the same cracks near the back glass. Also have cracks at both upper corner areas of the rear cap on the rearward facing surface. Don't know anything about fiberglass repair.
Are the cracks in the corners and up under the roof lip for the rear window? I think you are looking at the body seams for the roof.
Yes, Stingray6974, that's exactly where they are....Any suggestions....:)
What you're seeing is cracks caused by the bonding adheasive shrinking over time, just as the fender seams do. Almost every C3 has them but most people never notice them. They're nothing to worry about since it's not the fiberglass cracking. Easy to fix but I wouldn't do it until your ready to repaint.
Thanks, Mike, for identifying the cracks(seams) for me. I would never have thought of that....The paint job is about 4 yrs. old, so I'll wait it out...Thanks again for the input....Keith:w

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