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Cranky Remote Transmitter help


Sep 19, 2001
Westport, CT.
'70 LT1 conv't; '99 6-speed coupe
I have a 99 Corvette with a cranky remote FOB transmitter. It's only working intermitantly. Why?

I replaced the battery in my FOB transmitter, and followed the instructions in the owners manual detailing how to "re-syncronize" the FOB and "re-learn" with the key in the ignition.

The transmitter works for about an hour. After which, it doesn't work anymore. When I repeat the whole precess, it works again...For about an hour!???
Hi, welcome to CACC. I am not completely sure how to answer your question but someone will come along and help. Did you check the DIC to see if there are any messages. Also do you have two remotes and if so do both of them do it. It may be a faulty remote in with case you may have to buy a new one. They cost about $60 from the dealer. Good luck and Happy New Year.
hopefully, someone will reply with a solution. i only have one remote and there are no unusual messages diplayed on the DIC. My factory warranty expires 2/02.

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