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Crossfire injector noise



Does anyone get a tapping noise from the injectors?? The noise is definitely coming from the fuel bowls. Are my injectors dirty, or is this normal for the crossfire???
Thank God...

I'm really getting annoyed with repair shops...I had one trying to convince me that the valve train was going and I needed an overhaul at a cost of $3000.

Another Corvette shop told me that the damaged sensor on the block behind the oil dipstick was some kind of spark sensor...IT WAS THE DAMN SWITCH FOR THE RADIATOR FAN!!! And this guy works on Vette's for a living.

Looks like I'm going to be getting real good with working on my Vette...can't be much worse than the knuckleheads out there now...

Thanks for the info on the injectors...I'll sleep better tonight knowing i can go looking for a new problem to diagnose and treat.
Yup its normal..........know what u mean about the mechanics out there...nothing like self reliance! Best purchase we made was the GM service manual!

Stop by our site....you may find something usefull!
You want to feel at ease? Go check out a Mid to Late 80's Jaguar V12 XJS (C doesnt matter) You'll think it has 9 Cams with no lobes left !!:L
injector noise

when I first bought my 82 with cross fire I thought that the noise was the rocker arms, my mechanic informed me that it was the cross fire injectors...what the heck are you serious? They have sinced been replaced with new ones as they were so clogged up and even the new ones are very noisy
It's just the gas hitting the flapper dealy, go out and start your car with the air cleaner off and stick 1 finger under each injector. The noise will stop when the gas spray hits your fingers. It's just the power of the crossfire. There is a new intake manifold for the crossfire made by DCS and will give about 33 rear wheel hp. A pre order is going on right now and they will be ready in July. I bought one and we need a few more people to get it in production it costs $460.

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