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Cruise Control kicking off....



Hello All :w

I just wanted to update everyone who gave me advice on what to look for on my intermitent problem C/C kicking off. I don't know if this had any bearing on the problem, but I found, & fixed a huge vacum leak. The PCV hose had a huge hole in it where the rubber hose made the sharp 90 deg. to attach to the steel vacum line. I haven't been able to get out on an open road and set the cruise, but I will let evryone know when I do ! I'm thinking that this had to have some effect on the problem, as If I'm not mistaken, a cruise control system is vacum sensitive, ? Thanks All.

Yes it would

The servo that pulls the throttle cable is a VAc operated device!

Thanks Mike...

Thank you Mike for double checking me on that. I sometimes overlook the obvious, as all my mechanical experience comes from the ford side of the house. Not really much GM wrench time in. I will change that now that I have a corvette ! ( for performance mods ! ) I knew that the vacum would raise a ruckus on fords, and recalling the layout on the 'vette, I do remember seeing that big round vacum ball ! Thanks again though !


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