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Curb takes a bite outta my Shark

Feb 14, 2002
Northern California
1975 Pearl White Stingray, 4 Speed, T-Top
I have a front spoiler on my 75 Stingray, and went spoiler bashing last Friday. It is breaking my heart even writing about this. I had really poor judgment on a curb and it took a bite outta the spoiler. It's sorta "V" shaped and only about an inch long at it's biggest point. It cannot be seen unless you look for it, but of course I know it is there. I do not have the piece that broke off. Can anybody share with me a quick and easy repair on this? This is my first experience with fiberglass, so I have no idea if anybody does "patch" work, or if its more cost efficient to have the whole darn thing replaced?:cry
Hey no problem, fiber glass is easier to fix than metal......just go to your local hardware store and buy some fiber glass fix kit, it should habe some fiber tissue, resin, also some fiber glass bond.
After that get somethin to be used as mold, cardbord or stirofoam then follow the instruction on the kit, you'll see that is easier that what it looks. You'll need to repaint that area after.
Thanks so much Paul. I appreciate your help. :J

Are you talking about an after market spoiler? The stock spoiler on a '75 is not fiberglass. What's the story?


I know this won't make you feel any better, but I truely feel your pain.

Yesterday I messed up my door, nothing but stupidity. Pushed it out of the garage to start detailing the motor compartment. When I was done for the day I pushed it back in with the driver's door open. Well I'm sure you can picture the rest.:cry

Ever feel like doing this :hb


I am guessing its an after market spoiler. I have only had the car for 2 months, and the small pieces that were hanging on crumbled away with a touch.


I totally felt like :hb . I didn't even want to tell my husband when I got home, but since I knew he would eventually see it, I told him. He didn't get mad of course, but I just felt like a stupid a$$. Thanks for sharing your story. S happens.

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