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I bought a 1972 Pantera "driver" about two years ago. I have spent a considerable amount of money rebuilding it, and now its in the paint shop. I cursed often about the Italian engineering and was delighted when I completed the rebuild.
A few months ago I decided to look for "an easy car to maintain, but with a lot of class-and speed" Two weeks ago I purchased a very clean 91 ZR1, thinking I could fix almost anything that went wrong 'cuz I once owned a 75 Corvette.
Gentlemen, my bubble has burst. The Pantera had an unusual warning system, when something goes wrong-the car quits running, or the fender falls off. Not so with my gleaming white Z. AT least 15 thing can happen at once with this Corvette, some good-some not so good. Not having an owner's manual (yet) I'm having a ball looking at all the sensors blinking in the morning.
I love this car already!! But if I see "Prepare to Parachute" blinking on the read-out in the morning I gonna trade this thing for something collectible , like my neighbor' Yugo.
PS I also have the very desired optional "silent play" CD player.
Welcome To The Corvette Action Center ZR100060!

I love your sense of humor already Larry! Welcome to the fold. :upthumbs
Welcome Larry!

Your post had me LOL!
Don't give up on your new baby yet! Wait for the manuals to arrive so you can 'speak' to each other!
Silver aka:Heidi
Welcome to the CAC, Larry. I would like to see pictures of that Pantera when it's done. We like everything here.

91 ZR1

Larry, log on to www.zr1.net they are great people with a wealth of knowledge and experience with ZR1's. They will be happy to answer all your questions. I am sure when you go to look for parts you'll see that little phrase I've grown to hate "EXCEPT ZR1." Good luck 91 ZR1 Red/Saddle #2039

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