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Dan & his 85 ( the Army Man Story)


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
Fighting soldiers from the intake....

Fearless men who got sucked & died....

Here's the awful truth....


( for those of you following the story)
Did he at least die with dignity?

..or was he put into a common grave and quickly buried and forgotten?
Ouch! forgot to bring my barbeque brush!:eek :L
Ouch, that is one ugly valve.
69MyWay said:
Did somebody say.........carbon deposits?

What kind of gas was he running?

Chris, that is a green Army man that's melted all over that valve. :L

You don't know the story behind this? You really should come in the Solid Axle Lounge more often. ;)

_ken :w
Carbon & Plastic

It's MOSTLY an army man...

I will post the horror story tonight....

Been VERY busy & work..

don't even have time to think about Vettes

( Yikes )

This was the intake valve out of Dan's 85 #1 hole..

I'll see if he can get me whats left of the Army man he pulled out.

Do I recall a post...

...about someone's child playing with his Army men on the Vette plenum?
The Army man story

My friend Dan is 37, married, 2 kids, dog, house payment etc etc.. and wanted a TOY in the WORST WAY.

I hooked him up with this 85 ( the $2500.00 beater) the Wife hated it, but Dan put his foot down and just up and bought it... so much for new window coverings, and I was the BAD GUY.. for twisting Dan into this.. ( I don't care much for her either..)

So we get it home.. and Dan get's lost in the new toy.. cleaning, polishing de gunking etc. It was almost presentable by the end of the weekend.

About 3 weeks ago he scraped up enough cash to tune it up ( which it needed badly ).

He also took off the MAF sensor tube to give it a wash. He let his younger son help with this.

2 hours later.. he had new shiny plugs, cap rotor, clips & wires on his baby. He went to use the restroom & wash up before taking the car for a test drive.

During this time his son was playing the yard close by with his army men.. keeping an eye on Dad.

While Dan was away.. his son shoved about 5 army men into the throttle body.

His son was very near the car when Dan came out the door.. and shooed his son away.

He jumped into the car & cranked her over,

Vroom..Ka-Kunk paff-paff-paff-paff-paff-paffpaff-paff-
paffpaff-paff-paff. POOF POP stall


Dad.. I think you killed my ARMY MEN!

( after a breif explaintion from the son & much yelling)

Dan called in a panic, I had him remove the plenum & the intake runners.

The hardest thing in my life I have had to do, was attempting to not LAUGH MY ASS OFF when I heard this.

I tried to console him & sound concerned..

4 men from the squad were to big to make it down the intake runners.. but one of the smaller ones
( from the kids birthday cake) had made it ALL THE WAY INTO THE #1 intake port.

Master Sargent Green was decapitated immediatly.. his death was quick.

Dan was able to pull Sgt Green's body out and attempt to start the car but the dammage was done. It would run ( on 7 )
but the compression in that hole was about 35psi.

4 days later.. Dan had made a deal for 1 used head($250.00) and bolted it up without changing his seals or guides.

His car runs ok.. but smokes. He drives it now everyday grinnin from ear to ear.

His son helps him wash & dry the car.

Dan's saving up for new window treatments
& and new motor.

That is a great story.

It reminds me of ME when I was about 7. My big brother had a really cool panel wagon Vega with all the goodies (including 8 track and moon rim covers).

One day I was outside playing with the garden hose and decided to wash Lewis' car. I got carried away and noticed that lots of ugly black stuff came out the tail pipe after I shoved the hose up it. So, I thought I was doing him a great big favor by running more and more water up the pipe until it finally came out clear. I found If I cupped my little hands over the chrome exhaust tip and held the hose there until pressure built up that it came out cleaner each time.

I was so proud of myself for cleaning inside his pipes.

I will leave the story there, because I am sure you can figure out the rest. :bash

Never before have so many given so much for so few...
Good story. Reminds me why I don't have kids. I'm afraid I would have scalped the little b@stard.

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