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dash instrument panel bulbs



i have an 86 corvette that the instrument lights have burnt out on , the bp 882 bulbs cost almost $ 8.00 a piece and i was gonna change all four while i have it apart .is there a replacement or different bulb that will work in it that is alot cheaper ?
Not that I know of. I have only replaced my old bulbs with the replacements from the dealer. If I'm not mistaking, you have to be careful not to get the bulbs greasy either.
Good luck,

Eight dollars is a steal! And yes, the oil in your fingertips will definitely shorten the lifespan of the bulb, quite possibly to just a few seconds! ;)

_ken :w
dash bulbs for instrument panel

I just finished putting my instrument cluster back together with only one good bulb. Dealer in CA quoted me a price of $24.00 each, per bulb. I walked out laughing.
I know there has to be a cheaper replacement. Where did you buy a bulb for $8.00?
With my local Corvette club discount, they were still around eleven or twelve dollars through the dealer.

I think I got some at Pep Boys for slightly less. ;)

_ken :w
Re: dash bulbs for instrument panel

never2nd said:
........Dealer in CA quoted me a price of $24.00 each, per bulb.

Now that you mention it, I do remember paying $27 per bulb back in the day. When I first responded to this thread I thought I payed way more than $8 but I couldn't remember

Here's a trick

The 882 bulbs are about 14 watts, In 1989 they switched to the same light as in a normal chevy dash (Like in the drivers info panel, larger, less wattage ) the trick is going to a junk yard and finding good lamp bases and there is a 10 watt version of that bulb ( Stanley 7073 I THINK ) and swapping. The dash is a bit dimmer but will last longer, And your wallet will not be as light!

Dash bulbs

Hi Mike,

I had the same problem with my 86. didn't like paying the outragious price for the bulbs either. My solution was to remove the the instrument bezel then pull out the instrument panel. Be careful of the wiring harness on the right side.You will see where the bulbs are mounted from the back side.there are 4 bulbs total.They twist out just like the 194 bulbs of the older dashes. At any parts store get 4 bulb basesfor the 168 or 194 bulbs with the 1/2 inch base.I used 168 bulbs in my dash and you can't tell the difference.Plus with the electronics in there the panel is cooler.

P.S. there are 2 different size bases make sure you get 1/2 inch. The whole job took about 45 minutes.

E-mail me if you have any problems
hoosier1@ paonline .com
Barry, how is the illumination during the day, particularly in the sunshine?

Foot lamberts & Color temp

It was good enough for GM in 89. I do not think you would notice a difference, and it's better for long term ( heat on PCB's & Internal Plastics) Less prone to dammage from shock. Halogen bulbs when they get old, the filament gets really brittle.


Sorry Barry for answering your question ( LOL )

Here's a thought

What if somebody came up with a new gel pack ( the thing that gives the dash instruments their color)
To give the dash an updated look, change the yellow numbers to Blue....Like the color the backlight of the AC controls or Green to match the Delco radio & AC temp indicator.....Just a wild thought!
Hi Keith, ironicaly I was at a used car dealer this week that specializes in used Vettes.

He was offering me big money for the car on a trade to a '91 conv. until he saw the odometer.(I was tire kicking)

Then I jokingly told him I have an instrument panel that the odometer reads 89k miles on it and if I installed it would he take the car on trade. He seriously said yes, (why was I not surprised). In Nh we don't need a title on an '88 and there is now way to document mileage.

Of course I would not do that, in fact I do not want to trade or sell the car, but it just illustrates the overall condition of the car.(an the honesty of some people that sell low mileage Vettes)
Instrument panel Illumination

I have found the BP 882's for around seven dollars at Oreilly's and NAPA. Bulbs can be replaced without removing the panel assembly. Just remove the bezel and metal covers over each bulb, then slide a piece of vacuum hose over the bulb to remove it. Hope that helps you
Crispy sockets

Ive found in the past 882's that have been in for a while are a bear to get out ( Thru the front ) and if the sockets are bad when you push.. they disintergrate. If the sockets are ok the that is a good way to go, the Mid america kit comes complete with a hose & push stick & new sockets all that for $50.00 deal huh? ( plus s&h )

to all that helped

thanks to all of the vettepeople that helped with this .the bulbs i bought were at National Automotive in Shelbyville , Indiana . i will get the toll free number for the out of towners ..lol ... they ended up costing $7.35 a bulb. i think they send to all over the world , because my wife used to work there and she had said they sent to austrailia and a few other countries. also the weather in indiana has been great for drives here and there ...but winter is right around the corner... :-( thanks again
I think the digital dash is a pretty cool thing. My 88' looks more advanced than my 94' Camry with that digital dash. Plus, I think that you get your information quicker with the digital rather than the analog. Gotta keep those eyes on the road ya know!

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